Pmbook 4
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Pmbook 4

Pmbook 4

Pmbok指南第6版从第4章到第13 章都添加了自适应环境注意事项的小节。 同时引入了一些敏捷特定的工具与技术,例如冲刺(sprint)和迭代计划(iteration planning). 4 、监控过程组:作用是测量项目绩效,让项目团队“违法必究”,并且尽量做到“防患于未然”; 5、收尾过程组:作用是了结项目(阶段)“恩怨”,让一切圆满. A guide to the project management body of knowledge (pmbok) hd69p75g845 1996 6584 appendix b evolution of pmi’s a guide to the project management body. Pmbok是project management body of knowledge的缩写, 指项目管理知识体系的意思,具体是美国项目管理协会(pmi)对项目管理所需的知识、技能和工具. 由于文件太大所以分4卷,第一个要分,别的免费 pmbook 下载说明: 1、推荐使用winrar v310 以上版本解压本站资源。 2、本站上所有资源均为网友收集上传. 172 项目经理的人际技能 领导力; 团队建设; 激励; 沟通; 影响力; 决策能力; 政治和文化意识; 谈判; 建立信任; 冲突管理; 教练技术; 34 规划过程.

4 开始导入pdf 文件。步骤阅读 5 导入完成后,就完成pdf文件的预处理。步骤阅读 6 现在可以编辑书籍信息了。首先是封面。步骤阅读 7 添加封面,完成后记得点击. In 1969, five volunteers founded the project management institute (pmi) their aim was to set standards for project management, conduct research in improving the way. To support the broadening spectrum of project delivery approaches, pmi is offering a guide to the project management body of knowledge application v442530. Download pmbok guide 4th edition and password before you can download your copy following procedure needs to be adopted while downloading your copy of pmbok 4. Project management 4 enterprise environmental factors 5 organizational process assets 1 expert judgment 2 facilitation techniques 1 project charter.

感谢点赞的同志们,今天(4月18日)查分发现过了今年3月22日的pmp!非常开心 分割. Isbn papel: 978 90 8753 752 4 isbn ebook: 978 90 8753 574 2 impresión: primera edición, primera impresión, mayo 2014 diseño: co2 premedia, amersfoort – nl. When you click the english version to download pmbok ® guide 5th edition this message will adobe recommends mac os x version 1034 and later and safari version. Pmi’s pmbok ® guide and global standards provide guidelines, rules and characteristics for project, program and lexicon of project management terms. 提供pmbook知识体系文档免费下载,摘要:名称项目管理系统项目选择方法项目管理 pmp思维导图71规划成本管理 72估算成本 7项目成本管理 73制定预算 74控制.

Pmbook 4

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  • Overview according to section 13 of the pmbok® guide, project management is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of the 47 logically.
  • (pmbok ® guide)—fourth 41 develop project charter ©2008 project management institute, 14 campus blvd, newtown square, pa 19073-3299 usa.
  • Learn more about the project management book of knowledge (pmbok) approach to project lifecycle management.
  • Pmbok 5 pocket summary 4 books development and leanpub is a powerful platform for serious authors, combining a simple.

The pmbok® guide is the preeminent global standard for project management, providing the fundamental practices needed to achieve organizational results and. 1996 年以后,pmbok指南每 4 年更新一次。到目前为止,已经出版了 2000 年的第 2 版,2004 年的第 3 版,2008 年的第 4 版和 2012 年的第 5 版。每一次更新都增加 能. M chapter 4 m glossary m chapter 5 m index m chapter 6 exit a guide to the project management body of the project management body of knowledge (pmbok. Pmp采取资格审查与考试相结合的方式进行,其参考书籍主要是《pmbook 4 篇 java开发-- 提高篇 1篇 程序员--项目管理 3篇 java开发 9篇. The project management body of knowledge is a set of standard terminology and guidelines the pmbok guide also overlaps with general management regarding planning.